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Nebraska wine

Junto Wine

Our wine begins in the vineyard. We take pride in crafting unique vintages that embody the essence of Nebraska’s distinctive climate and cold-hardy grape varieties. From robust reds to delicate dessert whites to amber wines, our commitment to the craft is reflected in every bottle.  At Junto, we invite you to explore the art of winemaking.   

Nebraska vineyard

Our Vineyard

Good wine can only be made with good grapes. At Junto, we grow eight acres of nine cold-hardy hybrid grape varieties. All grapes at Junto are harvested by hand and pruned by a small staff with a combined 50+ years of experience!

Our Process

We combine old-world philosophies with new age technologies to produce unique wines that tell the story of each season. Pioneering quality, we were the first in Nebraska to utilize a cross-flow filtration system, which allows us to minimize oxygen in-take and maximize wine clarity and stability, and produce sweet wines without using artificial sugar or Potassium Sorbate (a preservative). We also work with the premier mobile-bottling operation in the Midwest. But it all starts in the vineyard, where we work closely with our vines; from pruning to harvesting to bottling, our passion is the process.


Featured Wines

*2023 Vintage bottled 4/26/24
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the Whitehall

Grape Varietals:

80% Cayuga White

20% St. Peppin

9% Alc./Vol.

A blend of Cayuga white grapes grown in 2021, blended with St. Peppin grapes grown in 2022, the Whitehall is a taste of two seasons. Light, crisp, & tropical.

Nebraska wine

2023 Armonica

Grape Varietals:

51% Vignoles

49% Front. Blanc

The Armonica is produced with 100% Junto grown and co-fermented Vignoles and Frontenac Blanc grapes. Harvested by hand at 25.8 brix, we stopped the fermentation at 3.5 brix, producing a sweeter white wine with a big body (12% Alc./Vol.). Featuring floral & honey aromas and finish.

Junto21 copy_edited.jpg

2021 Petite Pearl

12% Alc./Vol.

Petite Pearl is one of the newer red varieties planted in Nebraska. This cold-hardy vine is quickly growing in popularity due to the high quality fruit it produces. This wine was produced with 80% Petite Pearl grown in 2021, then blended with 20% from the 2022 harvest.


2023 Amity

Grape Varietals:

70% Frontenac

30% Front. Blanc

12.5% Alc./Vol.

The Amity is typically our most popular wine, and this vintage is no exception. This won't last long! Our 2023 Amity is a blend of Frontenac (red) and Frontenac Blanc (white) grapes.

Junto10 copy_edited_edited.jpg

2019 Skeletons

Grape Varietals:

100% Vignoles

13% Alc./Vol.

The Skeletons is an amber wine, one of the first of its kind ever produced in Nebraska. Extended skin contact on a grape vareity typically used for white wine gives the Skeletons an orange color, known as Amber Wine!

Nebraska vineyard

2023 Edelweiss

Grape Varietals:

100% Edelweiss

Edelweiss is the Nebraska State Grape, and for good reason! These grapes produce wines that feature bright fruit aromas (pineapple, lemon, apple). Edelweiss does not produce high sugars in the vineyard, resulting in light, fruit-forward, low-alcohol wines; the perfect patio wine!

Junto19 copy.jpg

2023 Craven

Grape Varietals:

61% Petite Pearl

39% Petit Verdot

13% Alc./Vol.

Produced with 100% hand-harvested grapes. Our Craven was produced with Junto grown Petite Pearl, blended with Petit Verdot grown by our friends at Sauvage Spectrum in Palisades, Colorado.

Junto7 copy.jpg

2021 Copley

Grape Varietals:

58% St. Croix

16% Petite Pearl

14% Chambourcin

6% Cayuga White

6% Front. Blanc

The Copley is a big red blend made with 100% Junto grown grapes. The juice was pressed from the skins immediately, and the bright red fruit is evident in the wine.

Nebraska winery

2023 Passy

Grape Varietals:

50% St. Croix

34% Marquette

9% Front. Blanc

7% Chambourcin

11% Alc./Vol.

The Passy is a big red blend, produced with 100% Junto grown grapes. Semi-sweet, light body, this is a great red wine for Patio wine season!

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