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the Junto


JUNTO (definition): a group of persons joined together for a common purpose.


The year was 1727. An ambitious 21-year old printer and writer from Philadelphia wanted to stimulate his intellectual desire. So he started a club. Initially, the club consisted of 12 members; all from diverse backgrounds and occupations. Each member desired answers to a broad range of questions that were generated by years of curiosity, and they all wanted to be a part of something bigger than the immediate.


Their desire to become better in all of their pursuits, as well as their desire to help others and improve their communities, led them to meet every Friday at a local tavern. The original members were masters of their craft – printers, surveyors, a cabinetmaker, a clerk, and a bartender. All members lived in Philadelphia. The purpose of the club was mutual improvement and their meetings consisted of debates on matters such as morality, politics, and natural philosophy, as well as the exchange of knowledge in business affairs.


The ambitious 21-year old who started the club was Benjamin Franklin.

He named his club The Junto.

In Spring, 2010- nearly 300 years later- a couple brothers had the crazy idea to plant grapes in Nebraska. They agreed that the best location to pursue their dream was on the land they grew up on, near the community they were raised. In 2011 they planted several acres of grapes and the first vintage of wine was bottled in 2014. When it came time to decide a name for the winery, the two brothers agreed it should reflect their philosophies, their community, and their respect for history. The two armchair-historians agreed that the club Ben Franklin started, the Junto (which roughly translates to "Join Together"), was reflective of their ambitions.


More than just a winery, Junto is an idea, an experience, and a dream come true.


We invite you to Join Us

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