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Taste three (3) wines for $4

Taste five (5) wines for $6

(1 - 2 oz/tasting)

Red Wines: (dry to sweet)


2020 Petite Pearl: Produced with hand-harvested Petite Pearl grapes grown entirely at Junto wine, this Natural Wine is a one-of-a-kind velvety red. ($7/glass, $32/bottle)*Limited quantity

2018 Mason: 49% St. Croix, 33% Marquette, 18% Petite Pearl. Estate Blend. Natural Wine! No added preservatives or sugar. ($7/glass, $17/bottle)

2019 Frontenac: The Frontenac grape is one of the most popular red grapes grown in Nebraska, and for good reason. This wine features bright red fruit with a little acidity to temper the dryness. ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2020 Copley: The Copley is a rose style with hints of cranberry & strawberry. Big blend made with 100% Junto grapes. 67% St. Croix, 15% Marquette, 12% Frontenac Blanc, 6% Vignoles. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2019 Amity: The Amity is a balanced, semi-sweet, semi-bubbly, lighter red wine with notes of Cherry. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2020 Polly S: An Estate blend produced with late harvest grapes all grown on our property. High sugars at harvest allowed us to make a very unique, semi-sweet, 100% Nebraska Wine! ($7/glass, $26/bottle)

White Wines: (dry to sweet)


2019 Pour Richard:  The Pour Richard is an Estate bottled, dry, lightly oaked, delicious white blend made primarily from Cayuga grapes grown at Junto! ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2018 C-Note: Estate Blend: Cayuga & Edelweiss. Natural wine produced with no added sulfites or sugar. Buttery finish. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2020 Reserve: The Reserve is a medium body semi-dry white wine. Produced entirely from Junto grown grapes: 64% Cayuga, 27% Frontenac Blanc, 9% Vignoles($7/glass, $21/bottle)

2020 Edelweiss: Made with 100% Edelweiss, this semi-sweet white wine features the distinctive tropical flavors produced by the Edelweiss grape. This is the perfect patio wine sipper! ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2019 Edelweiss: Sparkling Edelweiss! Made with 100% Edelweiss, the Nebraska State grape. ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2017 Armonica: Big body! 13% alcohol! Late Harvest made mostly with Vignoles grapes. Darker fruit flavors, Sweet. ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2018 Armonica: The 2018 Armonica is a light bodied sweet Vingoles & Lacrosse blend, featuring bright fruit and a smooth finish. ($7/glass, $18/bottle)


2019 Skeletons: The Skeletons is an orange wine, made by fermenting a white grape on the skins for an extended period of time. Earthy flavors with hints of apricot and peach. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

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