Taste three (3) wines for $4

(1 - 2 oz/tasting)

Red Wines: (dry to sweet)


2018 Craven: Chambourcin/Marquette Blend, Fruit Forward, Medium Body. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2017 Mason: 86% Frontenac, 14% Vignoles. Estate Blend. Natural Wine! ($7/glass, $17/bottle)

2018 Amity: Big Red Blend, fruit-forward, jammy, semi-sweet. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2019 Polly S: Estate Blend: Marquette & Frontenac. Cherry Tootsie roll! ($7/glass, $20/bottle)

2019 Chambourcin: 100% Chambourcin (red grape). Naturally sweetened, light, fruity & spritzy! ($7/glass, $20/bottle)

White Wines: (dry to sweet)


2019 Pour Richard:  Estate Blend: Cayuga & Frontenac Blanc, Big Body, Natural Wine! ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2018 C-Note: Estate Blend: Cayuga & Edelweiss. Buttery. ($7/glass, $19/bottle)

2016 Brianna: Made with 100% Brianna (white grape). Medium body, semi-dry. ($7/glass, $16/bottle)

2017 Edelweiss: Made with 100% Edelweiss, the Nebraska State grape! Semi-Sweet ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2019 Edelweiss: Sparkling Edelweiss! Made with 100% Edelweiss grapes, refermented with mL (not yeast), creating a lighter & more approachable effervescence! ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2017 Armonica: Big body! 13% alcohol! Late Harvest made mostly with Vignoles grapes. Darker fruit flavors, Sweet. ($7/glass, $18/bottle)

2018 Armonica: Lighter body, tropical fruit, Vignoles/Lacrosse blend. ($7/glass, $18/bottle)



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