2021 Craven

Grapes: 89% Edelweiss, 7% Cayuga, 4% Vignoles
Style: Semi-sweet white
Harvest Dates: 08/07/2021 (Edelweiss), 08/21/2021 (Cayuga), 09/04/2021 (Vignoles)

Brix at Harvest: 15

pH: 3.02

TA: 3.5

Final Brix (Residual Sugar): 1.0

Bottling Date: 04/01/2021

Alcohol: 8% alc./vol.

BEST WAY TO EXPERIENCE: Preferably on the patio on a hot summer day! Great pair for sushi or fish dishes. Chill before serving!

WINE INFO: Our Marquette grapes were pruned in the Spring of 2021 by Chad Egger, winemaker and vineyard manager at Junto wine. The Marquette grapes were harvested at ? GDD on ?, 2021, and fermented in an egg shaped vessel. Winemaker Chad Egger blended Cayuga and Vignoles juice to add complexity and residual sugar. Edelweiss is the Nebraska State white grape variety and one of the most widely planted. Similar to Riesling grapes, Edelweiss can make excellent lighter style dry and sweet white wines, but has made a name for itself in Nebraska as a sweeter style. Our Edelweiss is a semi-sweet. We do not chapitalize or artificially sweeten, which allows the wine to express the amazing fruity aromatics and crisp liveliness the Edelweiss grape is known for. Enjoy!

Harvested Edelweiss grapes (8/7/21)

2021 Edelweiss grapes harvested at Junto Wine

Shout out to our crew of harvest helpers!

Connie, Shirley, Amara, Jeffee, Haven, Easton, Carden, Kobe, Tristen, Vince, Jordynn, Jacee, Gabby, TJ, Von, Tammy, Arlan, Marilyn, Aya, Gabby, Ian, Terri, Jessie, and Mike!